The history of Van der Linden Products goes back to the start of the previous century, when Willem van der Linden started a small bakery in the south of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Since then it grew into an international, renowned company with clients from various countries around the world.

Since 1920, Van der Linden has been producing its high quality products on the popular Rotterdamse binnenstad. Willem Van der Linden felt that Rotterdam was the perfect location to continue their traditional recipes while keeping their products current and exciting.

What makes Van der Linden unique is that every item is crafted in the traditional methods that were common to the trade before the modernization of factories and big box outlets.


Our Biskit Butter Speculoos Biscuit are delicious and come in different weights and figures. It’s perfect with tea, coffee or even on its own. The biscuits originate from Belgium, where traditional bakery methods are used. These products are Halal certified.


Delicious Fine Belgian Chocolate made from specially selected African and South-American cocoa beans and high quality European dairy ingredients. Deposited into different size drops, various decorations and also available in bakestable chocolate chips and chocolate croissant sticks.


Made from fresh milk coming from European cows. We make healthy dairy bulk products like milk powders, butter and cheese. Our dairy products can be used in bakery applications and are sold through retail chains.


This range of delicious caramel fillings will boost your creations’ visual appeal and give them an extra touch of flavor. The fillings have been created with an application purpose to perfectly fit your needs! Used for all types of concepts for confectionery, bakery and pastry, ice cream, desserts, and dairy.